A Journey into Natural-Based Skincare with Daear

After battling with acne from the age of 11 to 27, Founder Ayla took a new approach to
skincare, combining natural ingredients with a focus on nutrition. After discovering tallow and adopting a minimalistic approach to skincare, Ayla realised that the body can heal itself
when provided with the right tools and environment. Within just two years, Ayla went from
full-face acne to beautifully glowing skin without the harsh chemicals, additives, and
preservatives found in many popular yet expensive skincare products.

Driven by her success, Ayla decided to share her journey and products with Australia through Daear, which means "earth," "soil," and "ground" in Welsh. Daear products are made entirely from natural ingredients sourced from Mother Earth and are cold-pressed and organic, providing a plant and animal-based approach that nourishes the skin's barrier and promotes natural radiance.